von Lena & Rico

You only want to provoke me

Ok, in fact I’m a totally friendly person who won’t hurt somebody. But can’t the other do so as well?

Well, yesterday we arrived successfully in New York. Earlier than expected and fully relaxed by the quite A380. But now: the immigration!

We went to the officer and Lena started. She got her visa weeks ago in the US embassy cause she wanna stay here longer. With that visa it should be really easy to immigrate. The current laws allow to immigrate 30 days before the studies will start. But these laws were totally unknown to the officer and he got worked up over why Lena did not immigrate with ESTA… What an idiot. In my thoughts, I was looking for the telephone number of the travel cancellation insurance. I believed that we should go back right now. But anyways, it worked and Lena and I came though the control and the only thing was to get our luggage and to get to the hotel.

Ha, not a bit of it! No luggage! My luggage was still in Frankfurt with all my personal things… It didn’t start well. That wasn’t happen to me any time before! Well, I went to the some guys who should/could help. But it looked like they were only trainees: They had more questions about the process than I had. I filled such a strange form, got 80$ cash and went without any luggage.

Somehow, we reached our hotel with the public transport. During that time, I used of course my smart phone to search the railway schedule and other useful information. But anytime the killer: A SMS by Vodafone that I have reached my limit of 50€ + tax for mobile data usage abroad…

Eh.. noooo!?! I had set up a special option at Vodafone to avoid such trouble. The known EasyTravel Flat allows to phone, write SMS and to surf abroad and as well in the US. But far from it! Weeks ago, I change my mobile phone contract and the above mentioned option does not work with my new contract. But during the contract formation, it was ensured that the combination of new contract + EasyTravel will be possible. But it isn’t.

I called just afterwards with my cell phone provider Vodafone. The kind support activated a special temporary solution for me. But I’m not satisfied until now and I wrote an angry mail to Vodafone that they should fix the issue. In my opinion, I’m a victim of deception. A well-known remedy to push such problems. Status: open!

While I’m writing here: my luggage did not arrive until now. The only consolation is: with the 80$ we were able to buy the railway ticket, water to drink and strawberries for nibbling. That’s good or isn’t? :-)