von Lena & Rico

Let’s rock it!

Hello everybody,

Maybe some of you know how it feels like, when your vacation is approaching and you have loads of things to do in advance and then time for the actual packing is short.

Same happened to us: Our bags were filled by the last minute and here and there you try to finish the remaining work, which needs to be done. Well either way, what you cannot do today will be done after many weeks 😀

This morning we had the opportunity to do something extra sprecial: reserving our seats in the airplanes. Oh, yes, you do not know when we will take off tomorrow. We will fly at 6 AM with Lufthansa from Hamburg to Frankfurt International Airport! And there he or she (I prefer she :-) ) awaits us: Our beloved A380 from Singapore Airlines. That will be an awesome flight!

Back to the seat reservation: Nowadays you book your flights online. The good part: the tickets are often cheaper and it is an extremly comfortable and easygoing way of booking! The disadvantage: the moment something does not work you must use your creativity to find a way out. This morning (24 hours before departure) the seat reservation was unlocked for the customers of the crane company for flight LH001. We pulled out our smartphones and started the reservation process. That worked fairly well for the domestic flight. Now the thrilling part occured: the flight to New York… Here the system told us that the huge A380 is almost fully booked and we would have had to sit three rows apart from each other :-O For us it was completely unacceptable! So I tried to call the colleagues from Lufthansa to ask for a solution. After some time of ringing someone took my call. He stated that he could not do a thing for us and kindly forwarded us to Singapore Airlines. He was nice enough to give us the phone number of Singapore Airlines.

Next up: we tried to call Singapore Airlines. A nice electronical voice informed us that we would be calling out of office hours and highlighted that a following number should only be dialed in case of emergency. Sure this was an emergency – ‚cause we wanna do Selfies in the A380 together and not over 5 seat rows! 😀 So I decided to chance it. With success! Now, we will sit abreast at the window and can enjoy the flight fully relaxed, do Selfies, kiss, sleep, eat, bore, watch films, chill, bore again, look outside, slander about the folks, bore again and with some luck reach our destination.  But about this, we will report tomorrow.

In that way: welcome to our small blog. Stay tuned – it pays!